Born to be Wild…..  

A brand new ten-part series by Maramedia for BBC Scotland

Life at the Scottish SPCA – the biggest and most advanced wildlife rehab centre in Britain where thousands of wild animals from otters and seals to robins, to Pine martens and eagles make the journey from centre admission back to the wild and stunning landscapes of Scotland.

SSPCA filming

Maramedia has secured an exciting new ten-part series from BBC Scotland. 

The Scottish SPCA National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Alloa, Fife is the biggest and most advanced wildlife rehab centre in the UK. Last year more than 9,600 wild animals passed through its doors and the number continues to rise with each year. But what happens when the patients are discharged? 

In this landmark series, cameras will go behind the scenes for the first time as injured and sick animals make their heart warming journey to recovery and eventually back to the wild landscape in which they were born.

Scotland’s landscapes are some of the most stunning and diverse in Britain – home to our most iconic and most loved animals. This exciting new series will feature a host of loveable characters from otters to orphaned baby fox cubs, badgers to eagles, white baby seals to hundreds of hungry hedgehogs. It’s a race against time to asses, treat and cure each unique case before ensuring they are fit to face the rigours of the wild.

Beautifully filmed in stunning Scottish surroundings, it’s a heart warming watch as Britain’s best loved animals make a tear jerking journey back to their wild home..
A staggering five thousand animals were returned to the wild successfully last year, after bespoke and careful treatment and a re-wilding programme.


Many are still babies and without a wild family it’s the centre staff who must use their warmth, expertise and dedication to bring up these young wild orphans before ensuring that they forget all about their human surrogate parents and return to their true wild behavior. 

Produced by Maramedia, Scotland’s leading producers of natural history documentaries, the series showcases the stunning scenery and wildlife of Scotland and uses top-end natural history filming techniques. The series is a BBC Scotland commission with ITVG as international distributor. 

The series is currently in production and will be delivered to the BBC towards the end of 2018.

 To follow behind the scenes stories of the production, follow Maramedia and Scottish SPCA social channels ..



 “It’s shaping up to be a thrilling series – the access to animals you’d only ever see from the end of a telescope, is incredible and the resilience and brilliance of the skilled Scottish SPCA staff really shines through as doe their passion for giving ever single animal they receive absolutely the best care possible.” -  Tom Cara, Series Producer Maramedia.

 “We are thrilled with this new commission from BBC Scotland and to be working with the dedicated wildlife team at the Scottish SPCA. Seeing these wild animals at close quarters is a real privilege offering viewers a chance to learn much more about Scotland’s amazing wildlife.” - Nigel Pope, Creative Director Maramedia.

‘This is an exciting new project which will offer the viewer a real insight into the work done to release animals back into the wild in the Scottish countryside and also provide many emotional and moving moments.  I am sure it will resonate with audiences in Scotland.’- David Harron Commissioning Executive, Factual, BBC Scotland

Scottish SPCA Chief Executive Kirsteen Campbell said, “We are delighted to be part of this exciting new programme with Maramedia which will showcase the incredible work done by the team at our National Wildlife Rescue Centre at Fishcross.“Our wildlife centre is rarely seen so this is a great opportunity for the public to view first-hand the wild animals we rescue, rehabilitate and release, while fully respecting the needs of all the animals in our care.” - Kirsteen Campbell, CEO Scottish SPCA


2018 at Maramedia


2018 at Maramedia

So far...

Spring 2018 at Maramedia was shaped and dominated by Scotland’s weather. At least most of us can relate to the fact that Ned Stark was indeed correct when he said, ‘Winter is coming.’ It came…and it stayed. Then it left but then it came again…and again…right up until mid-April, giving us a snowy Easter. And a snowy start to the filming of Viking Princess series 2!

Snow aside, it was a very busy Spring at Maramedia, and we anticipated an ongoing busy summer too!


Viking Princess series 2   


Viking Princess series 2 was filmed and edited quicker than you can say Viking princess Series 2! We had a fabulous time filming up at Duncarron Medieval Fort throughout the Easter holidays and even though the snow fell from the sky more often than the sun shone, we made the most of the beautiful snowfall and had many a snowball fight of course!


A successful edit has allowed us time to work very closely, with composer, Fraser Purdie and we anticipate some incredible music scoring for the programme. We can’t wait to share it with you all towards the end of the year!



Wild way of the Vikings  

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the filming for ‘Wild way of the Vikings’ allowing us to partake in some incredible shoots in, Iceland, Norway and our very own Bass Rock. Couple spectacular wildlife with incredible Viking re-enactment and you end up with ‘Wild way of the Vikings’!


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-11 at 16.22.10.jpeg



We are also thrilled to add that Gudrun the Viking Princess won the Childrens award at the Scottish RTS Awards 2018, in May. We are so happy to receive the award and the team had a fantastic night celebrating at the event!


Roll on summer!

Now the tables have turned and Scotland seems to be having its best summer ever weather wise. It’s hard to imagine we were knee or even waist deep in snow just a few short months ago! But alas, lets not dwell in the snowy past and lets be thankful of the summer sunshine…even if Glasgow seems to be melting before our eyes!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-04 at 10.56.20.jpeg


We have a thrilling new commission currently under wraps to be revealed very soon, and of course ‘Gudrun the Viking Princess’, series two, delivered to the world for summer into Autumn viewing.


Cheers from us all at Maramedia!





David Tennant narrates Gudrun the Viking Princess

Broadcast on CBeebies from 15th January 2018


A thousand years ago in the wild lands of the North lived a special little girl. The trees and animals of the forest were her friends and playmates.  Now travel back in time to join her games.  Explore the wild with Gudrun the Viking Princess, a new innovative format combining live-action drama and factual entertainment for young children.


This enchanting new series for youngsters is fairytale-like and inspirational.  Beautifully filmed in stunning Scottish surroundings, Gudrun the Viking Princess delivers a magical narrative that provides starting points for young children to connect with the wild environment. They learn with Gudrun in a simple, charming and totally captivating way, how to share the land and sea with exciting creatures.


Actor David Tennant provides both narration and an ‘inner voice’ guiding and supporting Gudrun. The specially composed music is a key component with catchy refrains underlying and guiding the story arc.


Gudrun the Viking Princess is a new innovative format combining drama and factual entertainment for young children.  The first ten episodes of this enchanting series will be available as a Box Set on BBC iPlayer from Christmas Day 25th December 2017.  The series will launch primetime on CBeebies on Monday, 15th January 2018 and the second series of ten episodes are due to air in summer 2018. The series will also be versioned in Gaelic for BBC Alba with transmission to be announced in 2018.


Produced by MaraKids, the children’s division of Maramedia, Scotland’s leading producers of natural history documentaries, the series showcases the stunning scenery and wildlife of Scotland and uses top-end natural history filming techniques with live-action and outstanding wildlife footage.


Gudrun the Viking Princess

Series 1 of 10 x 5mins episodes to launch primetime on CBeebies from 15th January 2018

Series 1 available as a Box Set on BBC iPlayer Christmas Day 25th December 2017

Plus a Gaelic version for BBC Alba launch to be announced 2018

                                                                                                                                 Jan 2018 



2017 at Maramedia


2017 at Maramedia

2017 has been a fast and exhilarating journey for Maramedia. Kick starting the year working with David Attenborough for the voiceover of ‘Hotel Armadillo’ makes you question how you can seriously continue the year on the up, considering you started at the top! 

We did however manage to maintain this momentum and it set us on the path of ‘Gudrun The Viking Princess’, a unique new format combining drama and factual entertainment for young children.  The series of 20 x 5mins episodes for CBeebies mixes wildlife and landscapes, Viking history and a rich family of characters. Beautifully filmed in stunning Scottish surroundings, this enchanting series was commissioned by Kay Benbow for CBeebies and soon snowballed the team into a busy period of production.

Meanwhile our one-off documentary on the Menopause authored by Kirsty Wark was also transmitting to great acclaim both on BBC2 Scotland and BBC1 network. The show also went on to gain Maramedia’s first ever Scottish BAFTA nomination. In fact, it was a good year overall for nominations with an Emmy nod for Ewan McGregor’s Highlands narration and 2 further nominations at Jackson Hole. No wins alas, but you can’t really complain!


Hotel Armadillo our co-comission with BBC Natural World and PBS Nature in America aired in the spring to great reviews and ratings. This was a real passion project for us that celebrated the important conservation work by RZSS Giant Armadillo Scientist Arnaud Debiez and his dedicated team. The footage also showed the first ever broadcast footage of a baby Giant Armadillo. David Attenborough narrated the show in his true eloquent and enthusiastic style and also provided us with some great social media shorts about his own searches for this elusive animal!

Considering that our debut 4K commission WILD WAY OF THE VIKINGS was also up and running, we were very much into a Viking Themed Summer. For the VIKING film, which is a commission for PBS, BBC Scotland, ORF, France 5 and Nat Geo (it’s going to have the longest credit line ever!) we were soon planning trips to Norway, Iceland and Shetland, which was the main focus for our first season of filming. Closer to home our exciting blue chip special on the wildlife of Shetland for BBC Scotland was also underway with teams covering the stunning beauty of this archipelago. Both shows deliver later in 2018.


Fergus, was our main team member on the ground in Shetland, working throughout the duration of the summer, on the islands, and gives us an insight into what is was like filming on the most northerly parts of the British Isles.

Fergus Gill: Cameraman  

My first week or so was spent scouting out filming locations stretching from Unst in the far North to Fair Isle in the South. The scenery was stunning and I had a great time meeting the locals, all filled to the brim with knowledge and great humour. Brydon Thomason and Richard Shucksmith were so helpful throughout the summer and they didn’t even seem to get fed up of us either, quite the achievement! I found all too quickly the local dialect and phrases filter their way into your own vocabulary. Whilst I was up there for 3 months I wasn’t alone, as a team we had people coming and going throughout summer months, with Raymond, Pete, Justin and Jackie all spending time 60° North. Justin definitely had the worst luck of anyone, only ever visiting when the weather was at its worst, I’m not sure he believed me when I said it was sunny before he arrived.

 As a group of islands Shetland was much larger than I anticipated, mainland is a big old island, and the archipelago itself has over 1000 miles of spectacular coastline. Every week I spent there I was discovering somewhere new. It’s that kind of place, where every corner seems to hide another dramatic stretch of coast. I remember standing high above the cliffs at Hermaness, home to tens of thousands of gannets, thinking I can’t imagine there’s a more spectacular view anywhere in the UK.


Throughout the summer months, we were incredibly lucky to see so many fantastic animals from otters, gannets, divers, terns and phalaropes to even the occasional pod of orca. Just getting to see so many exciting species was a privilege, getting to film them was a pretty good bonus! We were blessed with great weather, the only real exception being our week long camp on Mousa, characterised by gale force winds and pouring rain. But then it might create a false impression if there was only ever blue skies!

When I got back home it took me a few days to get used to not travelling by boat, a novelty that became the norm and good fun too. It might have taken me longer than I’d have liked to visit Shetland for the first time, but it certainly won’t take as long for me to go back.    

Alongside Fergus in Shetland for the summer, and various filming trips to the island by Raymond Besant, Justin Purefoy, Jackie Savery and Pete Barden, we also had major filming trips for our ambitious landmark project, WILD WAY OF THE VIKINGS taking place. Cameramen Neil Anderson and Steven McGee-Callender spent over 2 weeks filming in Iceland for the project, producing some exceptional imagery from this stunning location and Norwegian cameraman Asgeir Helgestad managed to get some superb walrus images from a trip to Svalbard.

Back in Glasgow, a whirlwind of a summer began for the team at Maramedia, (not just because of the Scottish weather!) but with the addition of former head of BBC Scotland children’s production – Simon Parsons, to help with the launch of the new ‘Marakids’ brand and the filming for Cbeebies, ‘Gudrun the Viking Princess’ series one.


Our small team travelled around parts of Scotland and Ireland filming both for Viking Princess and Wild Way of the Vikings. We worked with our child cast and Viking cast throughout the summer in various magical locations!

The saying goes “never to work with children or animals” and there we were embarking on an adventure that covered, working with children, animals (trained and wild) and then we threw in some Vikings and their boats to that mix for good measure! Safe to say this greatly paid off for us with series one of ‘Gudrun the Viking Princess’ to be released Christmas 2017!  We were thrilled that David Tennant agreed to narrate this new series  and gives such a brilliant tone to the series.


The team had a fantastic time working with all our cast, animals, locations and everyone involved in the making of series one. To see a production come full circle, from start to finish, really is a rewarding experience!

We were also able to cut together the terrific footage from Norway, Iceland and Ireland into a new taster for WILD WAY OF THE VIKINGS which Nigel was able to present to our partners at the Jackson Hole festival in October.  Jackie was also able to represent Scottish production at the World Congress of Science in San Francisco making new relationships with broadcasters and broadening our slate internationally.


We were thrilled to receive funding from both Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise and of course our very significant production funding from the EU Media Fund.

It has been a year of partnerships and we are very grateful to all the broadcasters, partners, charities, locations, individuals and animals we have worked with this year we look forward to continuing these partnerships and friendships in 2018.

We end the year with our ‘Shetland’ programme coming together in the offline edit, 2018, ‘Wild way of the Vikings’ in its filming stages, both due for release late 2018. A thrilling new potential commission currently under wraps for a new partner Broadcaster, and of course ‘Gudrun the Viking Princess’, series one  - delivered as a box set on BBC iPlayer on Christmas Day 25th December 2017 and broadcast on CBeebies January 15th 2018 at 17:35, 2 episodes daily.

To keep up to date on our projects filming and plans follow us on social channels below

Cheers from us all at Maramedia!